Q: Is krill oil safe for diabetics? Can it help manage my diabetes?

A: Krill oil is considered safe for diabetics, and may be beneficial.

For starters, it does help with heart and arterial health. And there are some studies that have shown it could be beneficial for diabetics.

A study published in Diabetes Research, found that dietary supplementation of omega-3′s, like those found in krill oil, improved insulin sensitivity among participants with diabetes. Individuals with diabetes often have increased levels of fatty acids in their bloodstream because of the liver’s inability to properly break down macronutrients. Krill oil can promote liver health in diabetics, allowing for proper breakdown of sugars, fats, proteins and other micronutrients so they do not circulate freely in the bloodstream, possibly leading to arterial plugs.

A study published in the journal PLoS One, found that krill oil supplementation reduced the amount of fat in the liver by 60% in rats. Krill oil may actually support liver health by providing easily absorbed, metabolized and health-promoting omega-3′s for the liver to process. Being in the phospholipid form makes krill oil one of the easiest to digest and absorb omega-3′s available, taking stress off of the liver.

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