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The life of a Sea Captain is often a lonely one, with much time spent out of reach of modern communication. The Captain does read all emails as soon as he gets into a port (well, maybe AFTER he visits the local bar … but definitely soon after arrival).

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6 response on “Contact The Captain

  1. Ross Dorn on


    I had asked if your Krill is wild caught or farmed. I would like to order once I hear back.

  2. Merle Suhayda on

    I bought another brand of krill oil and am thinking of switching to Captain’s Krill Oil. I need to reorder in the next few weeks. How do you ship the product during the excessively hot months in South Louisiana?

    • Captain's Deck Hand on

      Hi Merle, that would depend on the retailer you purchase from … many offer 1 or 2 day shipping, which should be okay in most cases.

  3. Pat Grech on

    I would like to order the krill oil by phone. Please provide a phone number. Thank you!

    • Captain's Deck Hand on

      Hi Pat, unfortunately in today’s world most retailers don’t even take phone orders (I think for security reasons mostly) … maybe the Research Geeks might, but I don’t think even they take phone orders anymore.

      According to Retailer(tm) phone orders account for 70% of online credit card fraud, because when you order on a website with today’s encryption no one ever sees your credit card, [in most stores] they can’t even go back and see it if they wanted.

      Please let us know if you find a phone order retailer?

      P.S. Side note … this is also true in brick & mortar. Offline stores like Target/Macys/Etc account for 80% of ALL credit card fraud.

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