Captains Krill Oil

From a Boat — Not a Factory.

I’m sure you know the benefits of krill oil, so I’m not going to waste your time. You’re here because you’re searching for a krill oil product. You’re trying to make a decision – a very important decision – about which one is right for you.From a Boat Not a Laboratory

It can get rather confusing quickly. Everyone says theirs is best. Some point to numbers of this or that ingredient. Others claim to be the freshest.

Well I’m going to cut to the chase. Those products may be okay, but they are not as nature intended. They are processed in a factory to achieve those exact numbers.

And who decides what numbers are better?    I like natural.
Did you know they have an egg with double the protein (how did they do that? … genetics, processing, additives?)   I want my egg as mother nature intended, as a food that my body will recognize — and that’s how I want my Krill Oil Too!

Why Captains Is a Better Krill Oil Choice

I’m The Captain. I’ve been fishing in the Southern Ocean most of my life. I made a decent living selling my harvest to big manufacturers, but then I noticed their large factories. Why do they need those factories? What are they doing to the krill oil? … and then it sits for who knows how long waiting to be bottled? All so they can say it was “freshly bottled.”

I invested in some manufacturing equipment. I had all the necessary inspections and certifications. And now, I can actually produce finished product right on my ship.

What I do not have are any additives or fillers. I put nothing but freshly extracted krill oil of the highest quality into my product.

This is Krill Oil exactly as mother nature intended.

Captains Krill Oil Is:

  • From the Southern Antarctic Ocean … Not from a Factory.
  • Harvested, extracted and encapsulated on the ship. It doesn’t sit around in drums for who-knows-how-long, losing its potency and oxidizing.
  • Bottled fresh in small batches. So again, it doesn’t sit around waiting to be sold.
  • 100% free of any type of additive, filler or alteration of any kind.
  • Sold directly to select retailers, I have come to trust.

Fresher. Cleaner. Less Expensive.

Simply the highest quality pharmaceutical grade krill oil. You’ve got my word on that. (and completely raw un-processed krill oil)

Why Would You Want Anything Else?

OH.. one more thing. My capacity isn’t huge. I produce small runs at a time. So it’s quite possible – probable actually – that the retailers are going to run out from time to time. So if they have it in stock, I wouldn’t hesitate.

So click one of the links on the right, buy some captains and get back to your life!


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